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BACT-Aid Zero Slip Catalyst

BACT-Aid Catalyst housing
  • Positive sealing of catalyst element insures 100% of the exhaust flow passes through the element, not around it

  • No gaskets to blow out or replace, minimizes downtime

  • No moving parts internally to seize or gall

  • Easy to remove and replace elements

  • Flow optimized with CFD designed diffuser means even distribution across the entire element, eliminates the bull's eye effect

  • Heavy gauge construction for rigidity and long life

  • Available in carbon or stainless steel

  • Available with 3-way, oxidation and diesel oxidation elements

  • Combination catalyst/silencer housings available

  • Standard housings designed for 10" through 35.5" elements

BACT-Aid Catalyst Element Installation

BACT-Aid Catalyst Element Installation

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