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SCAQMD e-comply software

SCAQMD - ECOM's E-Comply Software


ECOM's e-Comply software has a version specifically designed to capture and report all information required for the SCAQMD's rules 1110.2 and 1146 Periodic Monitoring Protocol.

ECOM e-comply software

ECOM America’s e-Comply software, the newest version of our industry changing compliance testing and reporting software. e-Comply is an easy to use Wireless system designed specifically for use with the ECOM J2KN Pro Series analyzers to make periodic monitoring a simple procedure. The software is a computerized version of the tests required for SCAQMD 1110.2 and 1146.1. The testing and data collection procedure is user customizable and are automated with a laptop controlling the sampling times and frequencies specified by the operator. The pre and posttest calibration feature allows the user to fully complete all tests with recorded calibration data. A simple database is created for each combustion source, and reports are stored in PDF and Excel formats.



  • Connectivity via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB

  • O2 Correction

  • User Configurable

  • Built-In Report Generation



  • ecom J2KNpro Industrial

  • ecom J2KNpro Easy

  • ecom EN2-F

Ecom analyzing services

Support Product Services is fully equiped to perform Stability, Linearity and Interference testing on ECOM analyzers required annually by the SCAQMD Periodic Monitoring Protocol

Double click for a copy of the SCAQMD Periodic Monitoring Protocol

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