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heat recovery silencers



Hiram Maxim pioneered the new field of energy recovery in 1925 with the development of the first heat recovery silencer. Maxim Silencers, Inc. now offers a broad spectrum of engineering and manufacturing capabilities and application experience. No other manufacturer of heat recovery and silencing equipment matches our experience.

Most of the energy generated by burning fuel in internal combustion engines, both reciprocating and gas turbine, is rejected in the form of heat. For example, a reciprocating engine at full load converts about one-third of the available energy into useful work. The remaining two-thirds are lost in the form of heat to the jacket water, exhaust gas, oil cooler and by radiation to the surroundings. In an installation where this heat can be put to useful purposes, heat recovery can yield attractive savings. Maxim Silencers, Inc. manufactures heat recovery units in a number of models and sizes for a wide range of applications.

Heat Recovery silencer for reciprocating engines. Especially suited for smaller, high speed engines

Heat recovery silencer for larger reciprocating engines. Modifications allow spark arresting and a high degree of silencing.

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